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Global Service: Dr Karuna Khatri’s dental adventures abroad

Dr Karuna Khatri is a passionate believer in voluntary service and about spreading the word about manageable dental hygiene habits to fix curable dental problems. That is why, in her spare time, Dr Khatri volunteers her extensive training and knowledge towards the global charity Rotary International at least once a year.

In doing so, she is able to travel to countries that do not have easily accessible dental care and offer her professional services. Dr Khatri is passionate about dentistry and assisting those who are unable to help themselves. By helping and educating others, she hopes to help improve the lives of those suffering oral health complications.

Two week trip to Nepal

Recently, Dr Khatri came back from a voluntary trip to Nepal. Sent over for the Eastern Region of Rotary Australia World Community Service, Dr Khatri worked with a Nepalese team of professionals over a twelve day period. This allowed her to stay at different camp sites in which she stayed for at least four days. The Nepalese team were equipped with portable dental equipment that Dr Khatri used to help patients of various ages from children to adults. Sometimes Dr Khatri saw 120-150 patients a day.

The Nepalese patients had various oral health problems that are easily treatable with early diagnosis and preventive treatments. Common oral health problems such as tooth decay, cavities and plaque build-up ensured that Dr Khatri was kept busy performing professional standard oral cleanings, fillings and tooth extractions. Dr Khatri’s passion for change extends beyond her time spent at the camps and worked hard to educate patients on proper oral health care in ways that were manageable for them.

Multiple trips all over India

Dr Khatri is particularly passionate about India and loves the culture so much that she has made a conscious effort to travel to as many different parts as possible over four different trips. One of her most cherished endeavours was visiting a small area called Katwa which is a subdivision in the state of West Bengal. Dr Khatri visited the Institute of Anandiketan, a partially government funded institute for the physically and mentally handicapped. She found it a very challenging and rewarding experience to treat a different patient pool with a variety of dental treatments.

Dr Khatri’s passion for dental health inspires her travels to third world countries

Dr Khatri enjoys her traveling and loves experiencing other cultures. However, her passion for dedicating her time to global community projects stems from a desire to spread the knowledge about dental care and educate people that may never have had the opportunity to learn themselves.

Eventually Dr Khatri would like to have her own mobile van in order to travel to patients and develop long lasting and manageable oral health treatments for patients in third world countries. Prevention is better than a cure – and by educating people on proper hygiene maintenance, Dr Khatri hopes to make long term changes to the lives of the people she helps.

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Dental Pearls takes part in and supports homeless connect, providing free dental care to the homeless in Brisbane through the National Dental Foundation. Dr Karuna Khatri and the team at Dental Pearls volunteer their time to provide necessary dental care to those in need.

Supports and participates in the Colgate “Bright Smiles” initiative. This provides voluntary dental care to those in the Brisbane community.