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Myofunctional therapy is about all of the facial muscles including your cheeks, your lips, and especially your tongue, and how they work together for function. In fact, these functions have been linked right back to whether a patient was breast fed or not as a child. In general, breast fed children will develop the strength and dexterity in their tongue which helps form the foundations of these functions, and ensure their tongue will sit high on the roof of their mouth. On the other hand, in some children the tongue will sit low in the mouth, meaning their facial posture changes, leading to functional issues. This could be caused by a variety of things, including a tongue tie.

Tongue ties, and the importance of tongue posture

It is of particular importance that the tongue sits on the roof of the mouth. However, if a patient has a tongue tie, then they can’t physically do that. As such, a key indicator which will be looked for is whether there is a tongue tie present. If there is, then the patient’s tongue generally won’t be able to touch the roof of their mouth with their tongue. From here, our dentists will also then conduct further examinations to see if the patient can swallow with their tongue on the roof of the mouth, and if they can swallow with their lips closed together. If the patient is unable to do these things in the correct way, it’s likely they are starting to do different functions in different incorrect ways, which can cause problems and even pain.

If a tongue tie is present, it may be necessary to refer the patient to a specialist to address their tongue tie before any exercises which address their function can be commenced.

Myofunctional therapy for children

This particularly effects the way our hygienist, Katie, will assess and treat children. In days gone, if a child was grinding their teeth, it was simply looked on as something which was relatively normal, and which they would grow out of. However, there is now indicators that if a child cannot breathe well through their nose, and they are grinding and snoring, then there are many other things which also need to be looked into. For example; Is there an airway issue? Do they have really large tonsils? Do they have really large adenoids? Often the parents will report the child has a lot of throat infections, and are generally not a particularly well child.

If this is the case, the child would likely be referred to their GP and an ENT to establish if there is anything which can be done. Sometimes the child may need their tonsils or adenoids removed, or there may be a nasal obstruction which needs to be addressed. Once this is cleared, parents are normally finding the child will begin to sleep through the night, cease to snore, and may even notice an improvement in their behaviour.

Why is airway function so important?

When our lips, tongue and cheeks don’t work together to create the correct form and function for our airways, this can lead to a range of issues including snoring, grinding and sleep apnoea. By addressing these functional issues, it is possible to effectively treat these issues, helping to restore your oral and overall health.

Myofunctional therapy in Brisbane CBD with Dental Pearls

Dental Pearls in Brisbane CBD is pleased to be able to help our patients address the wide range of health issues which are associated with airway issues through myofunctional therapy.

If you would like to request a consultation to see if we could help you or your child, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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