Chocolate and your teeth: it’s not all bad news

Chocolate and your teeth: it’s not all bad news

Or: why eating chocolate, and other sugary snacks, in moderation is okay.

It’s Easter soon. The shops are full of chocolates of various shapes and sizes as well as hot cross buns. School holidays are on the horizon, and dentists are becoming busier than ever.

Is eating chocolate really as bad as it’s made out to be?

If you eat obscene quantities of chocolate on a regular basis, your teeth—and your overall health—will suffer. But in moderation, chocolate’s fine.

It’s not just eating chocolate that’s bad; it’s the frequency with which you eat it. As part of desert chocolate is fine; eating it as the occasional snack’s not too bad either.

The baking and confectionary industries have come a long way in the last 5-10 years. Healthier options with less sugar that taste good are now readily available in your local supermarket.

Eating chocolate and keeping your teeth healthy

Eat chocolate in moderation. And when you do eat chocolate drink plenty of water, chew sugar-free gum and don’t snack on chocolate too often. Also, there are other snacks which are good for your teeth you can eat after chocolate to protect the enamel of your teeth and the health of your gums.

Healthy snacks for your teeth

It’s Easter. So indulging in a little chocolate eating is fine. In fact, some nutritionists say the occasional indulgence of a chocolate craving is okay. As long as you clean your teeth after, and eat healthily the rest of the time.

Did you know cheese is good for your teeth? So are: apples, celery and carrot.

The pH in cheese is said to be good for your teeth, and the saliva produced by chewing cheese is a good way to rinse your mouth of food debris. The added advantage of cheese is that the protein and calcium are beneficial for the enamel of your teeth.

Apples are also a good way to clean your teeth because chewing an apple produces saliva to rinse your mouth, and saliva decreases mouth decay. Gum health is promoted by the vitamin A and C contained in apples. Other vegetables have similar beneficial properties for similar reasons.

Other ways to keep your teeth healthy

Regular dental check-ups are easily one of the better ways of maintaining healthy teeth. A check-up from your local Brisbane CBD dentist can be the difference between short, regular visits where your teeth are cleaned; or long, drawn-out visits where restorative work is done to alleviate pain and maintain teeth.

It’s Easter soon—eating chocolate in moderation is okay.

Once every now and then is not going to ruin your health or your teeth. Don’t eat it every day, and always brush and floss your teeth before bed. When you do eat chocolate, chew sugar-free gum to protect your teeth until you brush them.

Following these simple tips can help you and your family stay healthy this Easter.

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