Diagnosis and Treatment for Sleep Apnoea

Diagnosis and Treatment for Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea and its symptoms are incredibly common not only here in Australia but all over the world

Dental Pearls are offering our Brisbane patients effective sleep apnoea treatment that we hope will reinvigorate you. The symptoms of sleep apnoea are usually characterised by airway problems and snoring that can cause you to lose many hours of the quality of sleep you need to function at optimum levels throughout your day.

If you feel fatigued or exhausted during the daytime, then you could be suffering from the symptoms of sleep apnoea. Though it may seem like an inconvenience rather than a serious disorder, sleep apnoea can cause a host of problems should it go untreated for too long. Some of these can be categorised as dangerous. Diagnoses and treatment for sleep apnoea should only be carried out by experienced professionals and if you are experiencing any of the associated symptoms we encourage patients to seek us out.

The internet is rife with snoring home treatments and remedies, but the simple fact is that you the only way to effectively treat sleep apnoea is with medically certified care.

What Is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is a breathing disorder that affects millions of people and occurs when your airways collapse at night while you sleep causing obstructions. While snoring is the major culprit in terms of symptoms, there are other concerns that may be slightly more difficult to diagnose. The collapsed airways cause a vibrating of the loose tissue in your throat which produce the sound we know as snoring. The flow of oxygen to the brain is disrupted as the throat and the tongue begins to relax and begin to block the airways. This essentially brings your breathing briefly to a halt.

As the oxygen is cut-off from reaching the brain, your body creates a reflex action that will bring you out of sleep so that normal breathing can be restored. This process can be repeated many times throughout the night and can heavily disrupt your sleeping patterns to the point where you feel sleepy and even agitated the next day.

As mentioned, if sleep apnoea is left to continue unabated it can be the catalyst for serious health concerns. These can include:

  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • kidney problems
  • other systemic issues within the body

What are the Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea?

Some of the more severe symptoms associated with sleep apnoea is snoring, waking up with a thirst or dehydration and a constant tiredness or daily fatigue. Sleep apnoea can be brought on by a number of factors and excess weight and obesity can have a massively adverse effect. Larger than normal tongue, poorly positioned jaws and teeth, and oversized tonsils or ‘adenoids’ can all contribute to the prevalence of sleep apnoea. Should treatment for sleep apnoea not be forthcoming, it can lead to some very serious health complications which include:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • weight gain
  • glaucoma
  • ADHD
  • frequent night time urination
  • chronic pain

Sleep Apnoea Treatment from Dental Pearls

At Dental Pearls, we will assess you thoroughly in order to get you on the road to better sleep and improved health. One of the possible solutions for this debilitating disorder is an anti-snoring device which will help you to clear your airways during sleep and prevent the interruptions that cause you to lack oxygen and wake up. This device is what is known as a mandibular advancement splint and they are carefully designed to fit into your mouth like a mouth guard that adjusts the position of the jaws and allows for undisturbed sleep.

We would also recommend that you involve your GP and other physicians to help you to achieve the most appropriate treatment for yourself. To make an appointment with us, or to find out more about our sleep apnoea treatment, please click here.

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