How To Have Fresh Breath On Valentine’s Day

How To Have Fresh Breath On Valentine’s Day

Many people want to know how to get fresh breath for kissing their Valentine’s Day date. It’s actually easier than you think!

February is the month of love, Valentine’s Day is upon us and romance is in the air. On February 14th many people are going to be coupled up, many on first dates. There are many things that make up great Valentine’s day etiquette, bring flowers and candy, go a step further with a card. The more romantic the better. All this stuff can make someone nervous.

One of the things people are self-conscious about when they go out on a date is how their breath smells. On a romantic first date, especially on Valentine’s day, people want to have fresh, minty breath. The last thing anyone wants to do is ruin a perfect moment with a not-so-fresh breath. So how can we make sure that we don’t commit this dating faux pas and keep our breath fresh for our Valentine’s Day plans? Here are a few tips.

How to Maintain Fresh Breath

Take Care of Your Teeth Everyday

In order to have fresh breath, the most important thing is having a good daily dental care routine in place. If you brush your teeth thoroughly enough, making sure there you’re not leaving plaque and food particles behind. It’s also important to keep your tongue and gums clean. Bad oral health is one of the biggest causes of bad breath. If you’re doing all you can to keep your teeth clean and fresh, you won’t have an issue with bad breath on Valentine’s Day.

Visit the Dentist

It’s also important that you’re going to see your dentist regularly so that you’re getting checkups and dental cleanings as needed. If you maintain your regular checkups, issues can be spotted and taken care of quickly.

So what about ways to keep your breath fresh on your actual Valentine’s Day date? How can you make sure your breath smells great without constantly breathing into your hand to check? A lot of it has to do with what you eat.

Avoid Foods That Make Your Breath Smell Bad

  • As tasty as garlic bread is, it’s also a bad breath culprit and it will impact how fresh your breath will be. Garlic has a smell that sits in your mouth for a really long time, so just staying away from it would be a great plan. The same goes for onions.
  • Some types of fish and seafood can also leave a bad after-smell in the mouth.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol, sometimes the smell of it will hang on your breath for hours.


Having a romantic date planned for Valentine’s Day takes so much planning and thinking, and there’s so much that can make us anxious especially how we will look or come across to our dates. Fresh breath is something you can have if you take care of your teeth and avoid certain dishes. Also, keep sugar free gum at the ready.

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