2019 Dental Health Week

2019 Dental Health Week

Dental Health Week is here. Let’s update your understanding on maintaining your oral health.

‘Prevention rather than cure’ is an old-age mantra, but ultimately one which reflects a prudent approach to minimising trauma and discomfort through life.

Here at Dental Pearls, we have the expertise and facilities to help you achieve and maintain your teeth and gums in optimum oral conditions

Babies – Tips and Tricks

  • Use a damp washcloth and clean your baby’s gums by rubbing them
  • As teeth start to appear, introduce a soft bristle child-size toothbrush
  • Never use toothpaste

When’s the right time to floss?

To obtain optimised results from flossing, it is best to do it when you’re not in a rush or too tired. A few suggested times include:

  • As soon as you wake up or after lunch
  • Before going to bed – this can leave your teeth feeling clean

If you have kids, it is super important to get them to learn how to floss as soon as two teeth have come through. It is best that you help them floss until they are around 8 years old as they won’t have the dexterity to floss properly.

How to floss like a boss?

It’s one thing to start flossing, but it is another to do it properly. Here are 3 easy steps to dominate your flossing:

  1. Pull out the floss and wind approximately 45cm around your fingers and grip it tightly between the index fingers and your thumb
  2. Keeping both thumb and index finger close together and floss between your teeth. It is important to make sure you don’t cut or damage your gums with abrupt movement.
  3. With about 45cm wrapped around your thumb and middle fingers, use an up-and-down motion gently to go down one side of the tooth.

Braces and Flossing

If you have braces, it is important to continue flossing regularly as food particles can often end up trapped within the braces. A greater type of floss such as an interdental cleaner may be required to be used as it is wider and can reach difficult areas around the braces.

Three Things For Easier Flossing

According to the Australian Dental Association (2018), the three things for easier flossing are:

  1. Learn the correct technique – A dental professional can teach you the right technique so you can floss efficiently from the word go.
  2. Use a Floss Threader – Ideal if you have braces or a bridge, there are loops of fibre that thread floss into small places around the teeth.
  3. Use a Floss Pick – Made up of two prongs with dental floss strung between them, they’re perfect if you struggle with traditional flossing techniques.

If you would like more information about flossing and the correct techniques, contact us and an experienced team member will explain it further.

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