The First Days of Braces

The First Days of Braces


When you have braces, there is naturally an adjustment period. After which, you will be used to having braces and they will be a normal part of your daily living. When you first get them placed, you will need to get used to them and will need to navigate your way through this adjustment period. This is how braces will feel for the first few days.


Braces apply pressure to your teeth to move them into the correct position. When you first get them placed, this pressure will be noticeable to you. Don’t worry – this will subside after about the first week. If you are feeling particularly uncomfortable, an OTC pain medication can be most helpful.


During this period of tenderness, biting into a big hunk of steak is NOT a good idea. Instead, opt for soft foods such as soup, scrambled eggs, yoghurt and smoothies.


Having brackets on your teeth will take some getting used to. They may catch on your cheeks or feel a little scratchy in the first few days. This is where orthodontic wax comes in. Simply place a small piece over the area causing discomfort and you will have relief and feel right as rain!

You may also feel a little fidgety in the first few days – running your tongue or fingers over your braces. They will be a totally new sensation and this is natural! This fidgeting should last only a few days. After this, your braces will feel normal to you.

You might notice excess saliva, and feel like you have to swallow a lot. This is because our mouths treat new braces like it’s food! This shouldn’t last too long – roughly about 20 minutes to a few hours after the braces are placed.

The first few days of braces will be filled with new sensations. The funny part is that you will be so used to having braces that once you remove them, you will have an adjustment period to having no braces!

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