How myofunctional therapy, orthodontics, and other appliances could treat your sleep apnoea

How myofunctional therapy, orthodontics, and other appliances could treat your sleep apnoea

How Dental Pearls is tackling sleep apnoea with a combination of myofunctional therapy and adult orthodontics

Sleep apnoea affects more than 5% of adults in Australia, and that figure is on the rise, which makes the work being done at Dental Pearls in Brisbane all the more important. Sleep apnoea is, in essence, the obstruction of air entering the upper airway and lungs during sleep. This causes significantly decreased oxygen levels and can be a serious short-term and long-term health problem.

During the day, the problem is less apparent because we possess the required muscle function in order to keep these pathways open. But, when you’re asleep, your body notifies you of your inability to breathe by triggering an automatic ‘wake up’ response. This is usually characterised by a snort or a suddenly staggered inhalation. Dental Pearls’ techniques are designed to help treat your sleep apnoea, enabling you to get better sleep.

Why choose a dentist to treat sleep apnoea?

Methods of breathing fall into a broader and highly interconnected medical field which our highly trained dentists will be able to treat from a physiological standpoint, and with greater efficiency. Dental Pearls works hand-in-hand with each patient, and outside specialists where needed, to ensure they receive the treatment that works best for them.

Myofunctional therapy and sleep apnoea

Myofunctional therapy addresses the function of the lip, cheeks and tongue. Together these all have a significant impact on the upper respiratory system. When there are issues with the function of these, leading to mouth breathing and incorrect tongue posture, it can lead to snoring, grinding, and sleep apnoea.

By addressing these functional issues through a range of exercise, or outside intervention where required, it is possible to alleviate the symptoms being experienced.

Adult orthodontics could help treat sleep apnoea

Dental Pearls offers adult orthodontic treatments which will not only give you a straighter smile but can also address some of the problems which contribute to sleep apnoea.

Our orthodontic approach is very different in that we are very sensitive to supporting the airway and minimizing issues that may lead to orofacial pain.

We offer braces in a variety of options, all of which are far more comfortable and discreet than the classic style braces of old.

Treating sleep apnoea with an appliance

Another option for treating sleep apnoea is to construct anti-snoring devices designed specifically to help maintain a patent airway. After assessing a patient’s sleeping habits and the suitability for the treatment, Dental Pearls will be able to design and fit a suitable device to suit the individual patient’s specifications. Once the device has been constructed and fitted according to the sleep data, the patient will be asked to try it every night for a few weeks in order to gauge its effectiveness.

After this initial testing phase, patients will undergo a second assessment of their sleeping patterns so that the data can be compared, and any changes noted. Using the recorded data, the treatment can be tweaked to ensure the efficacy of the appliance.

Sleep apnoea treatment with Dental Pearls

At Dental Pearls in Brisbane’s CBD, our dentists and hygienists are passionate about helping our patients from all walks of life to help lessen the symptoms of sleep apnoea.

For more information on sleep apnoea, or to book an appointment, contact the team at Dental Pearls today.

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