Myofunctional Therapy For Kids

Myofunctional Therapy For Kids

Myofunctional therapy has great benefits for the littlest member of the family.

There is a plethora of snoring home treatments and remedies to be found on the internet and elsewhere, but the true nature of the problem can only be treated by experienced medical professionals.

What Is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional therapy is concerned with how the muscles in your cheeks, lips, tongue and face, all work together harmoniously to function. These functions can even indicate whether or not a child was breastfed in their infancy. It is generally accepted that children who are breastfed will grow up to have much greater dexterity and strength in their tongues. It is these attributes that lay the foundation for these functions. This is also essential in ensuring that the tongue will sit high on the roof of their mouths.

Conversely, some children will have their tongue sit low in their mouth which means their facial posture will change and subsequently lead to functional issues. Myofunctional therapy exercise can address a range of issues and give your child the help they need to breathe without any problems.

Myofunctional Therapy for Kids

Before the advent of myofunctional therapy, the sound of children grinding their teeth was treated as a normal occurrence and something that would abate with time. Now, there are signs that if a child can’t breathe properly through their nose and are snoring and grinding their teeth, that they should be monitored for various other concerns. These concerns include whether or not they have airway issues, or overly large tonsils or adenoids that are too big. Some parents may misread these situations as an infection of the throat and it is likely that the child will be referred to a GP or an ENT in order to diagnose and treat them.

It is sometimes the case that the tonsils or adenoids need to be removed or perhaps that there is a nasal obstruction which needs to be addressed. If all of these issues have been addressed, children will usually begin to sleep much better and their snoring habits and general behaviour will improve.

So Why Is Airway Function So Important?

Myofunctional therapy seeks to correct the way in which our lips, tongues and cheeks work together and to keep our airways functioning as they should. If left unaddressed and untreated, this can lead to a whole raft of issues including snoring, grinding of teeth and the potentially dangerous sleep disorder known as sleep apnoea. By making sure that these functional issues are dealt with, it is possible to treat the wide range of health concerns that are associated with these airway issues with myofunctional therapy. As we have mentioned, we at Dental Pearls continue to be totally invested in the treatment of children and we will show them every care in order to make them feel at ease and to give them the standard of care of that we would wish our own to receive.

Myofunctional Therapy from Dental Pearls

Dental Pearls in heart of the Brisbane CBD is as dedicated to treating the concerns of your little ones as much as anyone and offer a comprehensive range of myofunctional therapy for kids to combat the effects of breathing difficulties. We pride ourselves on an approach that is consistently thorough while being compassionate and sensitive as we deliver the highest quality modern dental care, and this extends to healthy sleep solutions.

Dental Pearls is a unique practice and every day we go above and beyond the call of duty in order to ensure that our patients experience not only quality dental care but comfort and peace of mind in any treatment they receive from us.

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